Compliance is now easier than ever

Modern Diligence is a suite of products for compliance officers. Simplify your workflow and automatically maintain centralized compliance records for your Expert Network Risk, KYC and more.

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Expert network approvals

Beginning to end management of the expert network review and approval process to speed up approvals while keeping a single source of record.

KYC & AML monitoring

Screening against global lists of exposed entities and persons, with ongoing monitoring capabilities to keep your organization safe at all times.

Vendor approval and onboarding

Streamlined screening, contract review and mark-up, and firm-wide functional approvals to make bringing on new vendors and contractors a breeze.

Build a better expert network workflow

Beginning to end management of the expert network review and approval process. Review approval requests submitted by investing teams and expert networks, apply automatic screen-out rules like maximum interviews per year and months away from target company, request call agendas, and seamlessly generate summary reports, all managead in one central source of record.

Expert Networks

Monitor KYC and AML risk, 24/7

Our risk intelligence database pulls regularly from global enforcement lists including the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and other lists of politically exposed persons to simplify screening and monitoring.

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Approve and onboard vendors and consultants in record time

We streamline the process of screening vendors and contractors, reviewing and marking-up contracts, managing internal stakeholder approvals across IT, finance, regulatory and others, and maintaining records of all the above, all in one place.

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Why Modern Diligence

Speed up approvals

Manage approvals centrally in a prioritized queue with all relevant information on one screen.

Reduce email traffic

Standardized, templatized approval request forms mean fewer unnecessary emails asking for information. Get what's needed up front.

Retain records centrally

Single source of record for expert network approvals, KYC and AML monitoring, and vendor onboarding and approval. No more searching through emails.

Generate reports seamlessly

Customize reports to suit your needs. Generate reports on demand or on a schedule.

Apply automatic rules

Simplify approvals by applying automatic rules (e.g., no more than 3 calls with an expert in a year)

Eliminate repetitive processes

No more managing policies across a dozen expert networks. Set policies and rules centrally and apply them universally.

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